Computational Molecular Engineering

The main research topics: 
  1. Scalable molecular orbital (MO) theory for computing large molecules
  2. Development of massively parallel algorithms for many-core architectures
  3. Explicitly correlated theory for highly accurate electronic structures
  4. Model space quantum Monte Carlo for complex excited states
  5. Selected coupled-cluster methods for strongly correlated electrons
  6. Theory of molecular liquids for chemical reactions in solution
  7. Development of novel multi-scale (QM/MM) methods
  8. Improving the efficientcy of artificial photosynthesis from surface and solid-solid interface calculations
  9. Elucidation of the oxygen evolution mechanism of water splittings
  10. Development of the GELLAN quantum chemistry program
  11. Applications using the developed software

Job Opening

We have no opening currently.



New members
Mainz-Kobe joint workshop on FCI
A paper on the full coupled-cluster reduction method was publised in PRL
Prof. Keiji Morokuma passed away
New B4 students joined.