Mainz-Kobe joint workshop

Mainz-Kobe joint workshop on "Solving the Full Configuration Interaction Problem"

 November 26 - 27
Place: RIKEN center for computational science (R-CCS)

The workshop is intended to bring together scientists who are actively working on the full configuration interaction problem, to foster an exchange of the different ideas, and to initiate collaborations. Every participant is expected to deliver a presentation and there will be ample time for discussions.

Confirmed speakers:
Ali Alavi (MPI for Solid State Research & University of Cambridge)
Nick Blunt (University of Cambridge)
Janus Juul Eriksen (University of Mainz)
Francesco A. Evangerista (Emory University)
Jürgen Gauss (University Mainz)
Andreas Savin (Sorbonne University)
Jeffery B. Schriber (Emory University)
Sandeep Sharma (University of collorado)
Seiichiro L. Ten-no (Kobe University)
Wataru Uemura (R-CCS)
Cyrus Umrigar (Cornell University)
*The speakers from the US are attending via teleconference.

26 November        
Opening 13:30 13:40    
  13:40 14:20 Nick Blunt A more efficient approach to FCIQMC through preconditioning
  14:20 15:00 Ali Alavi Similarity transformations in FCIQMC
Coffee Break 15:00 15:30    
  15:30 16:10 Seiichiro L. Ten-no Full coupled cluster reduction
  16:10 16:50 Andreas Savin DFT without density functionals
  16:50 17:20 Wataru Uemura Antisymmetrized Geminal Powers with Larger Chemical Basis Sets
 Dinner & Discussion 18:00 20:00    
27 November        
USA Teleconference Session 9:00 9:40 Francesco Evangelista Recent developments in adaptive methods for strongly correlated electrons
  9:40 10:20 Jeff Schriber Combining selected CI with many-body theories of dynamical correlation
  10:30 11:10 Cyrus Umrigar  
  11:10 11:50 Sandeep Sharma Extending selected CI and overcoming its shortcomings
 Lunch & Discussion 11:50 13:30    
  13:30 14:10 Jürgen Gauss MBE-FCI: Motivation and Introduction
  14:10 14:50 Janus Juul Eriksen MBE-FCI: Details, Scope, and Potential 
Closing  14:50 15:00    

Jürgen Gauss
Seiichiro L. Ten-no

Local organizer:
Takahito Nakajima (

The sponsorship:
Kobe University
University of Mainz
MEXT (Priority Issue 5 on Post-K computer)