Original Papers


IMS Okazaki


Book chapters and other publication

  • "Recent advances in explicitly correlated electronic structure theory using short-range correlation factors"
    S. Ten-no
    In: E. A. G. Armour, J. Franz, and J. Tennyson (Ed)
    Explicitly Correlated Wavefunctions (Collaborative Computational Project on Continuum States of Atoms and Molecules, Daresbury 2006).
  • "Electron correlation and Coulomb hole deduced from X-ray scattering intensities: Experimental and theoretical studies"
    N. Watanabe, S. Ten-no, S. Iwata and Y. Udagawa, In: K. D. Sen (Ed)
    Reviews of modern quantum chemistry Volume I (553-576) (A Celebration of the Contributions of R. G. Parr) (World Scientific, Singapore 2002)
  • "The RISM-SCF/MCSCF approach for the chemical processes in solutions"
    F. Hirata, H. Sato, S. Ten-no, and S. Kato
    In: O. M. Becker, A. D. MacKerell, Jr., B. Roux, M. Watanabe (Ed)
    Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics, Chapter 19 (417-439) (Marcel Dekker Inc., New York 2001)
  • Several Book Chapters in Japanese.